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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Nirma's Cardamon Tea

Nirma as I said before, makes the tea when we visit the detention centre. He’s good at it too. Cardamom/cardamon tea I believe is a common hot drink in Sri Lanka and is made similar to chai on the stovetop. I was fascinated to see how Nirma makes the tea without a stove. Because the visitor centre is only equipped with a microwave and an urn, he has figured out and fine-tuned what he has to do to get it pretty well perfect every time. So if you want a delicious cup of tea, visit Nirma at the detention centre!

The specific method is as follows:

Use two black tea bags and quickly dash them with boiling then place them in one polystyrene cup. Then pour in milk in the same cup to ¾ way up. Add about 5 dried cardamon pods (will figure out the right name soon) and then place in the microwave for 2 whole minutes.

When it is done and hotter than ever, Nirma takes it out, takes the tea bags out and the cardamon and then grabs another polystyrene cup. He then proceeds (to my amazement) to pour the tea from one cup to another at a great height. Not a drop is spilt. It looks like one long stream of milk from one cup to the other, almost a metre high.
The purpose of this I discovered, was to make the tea froth and texture.

Nirma suggested putting a little honey in it if you have it and you like things sweet.

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