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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Siva's Poem

A Stem of beautiful rose bush cut off and planted, few days later they were buts on the stem as a new comer. I was similar manner to my birth, both of my parent’s wish I was born from my mother on the war loud. when I was been in whom the heard beet might be changed frequently it was unknown to me but my mother ever had distress of afraid of war this was the significant of war, there was a beautiful for every bad from the stem, likewise I hope that when I was born my family would have been with pleasure in my house. Now the stem but grows strong roots which was seen by farmer. The bushes just ready to replant during mu younger period also had been like the bush. I hope that the plant being with beautiful as show my displaced give be the new & new experience in my life I thought that the bush also had new experience. The bush replanted but there was no fatique in the bush but it was lost its environment and I also lost my society and relations which induced more pain and fatique exist as the symptom in my life later the bush grew up well according to the environment   there is no exception in my life
Long days took after the bush by the farmer there is no flowers from the bush so the farmer thought to put fertilizer likewise my life also in the camp. When I stay in the camp without coming out sometime
 I  will get call from psychiatric  if I go there he ask 5 questions as usual as follows; do you feel sleepy? Can you eat? can you get the call to home? do you get the nightmare? Do you thing to commit suicide? These are the questions , these questions never be changed but the psycian  may be changed according to the situation of the refuges aim some doctors may ask “Do you commit to nightmare”so that night cannot sleep with thinking about suicide . this question would have been as the advice for the suicide. When I think about my family I’ll cry but cannot cry loudly while the panic with me, before put the fertilizer by farmer the bush blossomed for beautiful flower certainly they were with brightness but there non  to enjoy but the human like more flower from the bush than the leaves. This is the sign of human society . few months later the fertilizer put under the  bush and I laught with panic because bush and I both were in the similar manner the bush lived well for I want to live happy without thinking I used to swallow mirtazapine tablets for the happiness for the last four years.
I want to forget certain life of the society for which I need to laugh unwritten law I never smoke & drink today I swallowed  and laughed without anyone makes comic I used the tablets for laugh this society likes to see me in this condition beginning from the world so many leaders born up to now and they cannot make love or kind in the camp life , it is a dream and put the water more and more to the bush because I know the effect of fertilizer & as I know the strength of effect of the tablets which gives me the effect as tasteless and unanalyses , less thinking less sleeping stomach pain & body pain .almost my five sensors  are lost now .the bush as much more flowers all the peoples are enjoying when they are looking but the bush lose the certain strength this is unknown to others but I know this but I have the experience in the camp , I lived here really to this country as a refuge for the last four years as the reason I have been truly to the ASIO as passed me thousand of thousand refuges living well I know more people of those crowed where is the thugs and guilty who never attend the psychiatric & never want the struggle would give hand to them which also truth to them I cannot analysis that how I’ll be in the future for which the country must analyses that what is my future life  but I’ll live well . the herpes of the bush dried and the bushes are fatique and it is near to the end . the gardener watch it and thought to keep for few days until the new plants arrive in the last moment the bush blows some flowers with pain without reality so the same thing happened to me with the panic the days gone when I was in the WEIPA queen land if ask some water to the nurse who told me to take some water at the moment if I had angry the another day gave me more mirtazapine tablets , for that reason I never get angry this is the condition , if I take more tablets it is harmful to the body this is exception in the medical system likewise more panic without tear cannot tell by words the reflection of the panic cannot bring out the tear which was subsided already
The reflection of beauties , this bush has been certainly little beauty flower & measure this bush nearly about death. She has no any fertilizer for the bush to become really life and it has no life in the scientific world , it is death it is end, entirely finished ..
I am ?

A psychiatric nurse is calling me..

written by a man in indefinite detention.

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