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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Tony Abbott- ignorant, ignoble, idiotic.

Now, most of my friends know that i don't like Tony Abbott. Not one bit. In fact, I detest the man. I often use a phrase from my grandma (who is a moderately conservative woman);  'Tony Abbott is a disgusting human being'.

Last week he further showed Australia how ignorant he is about issues of International Human Rights Law, by again saying that those who arrive on Australian shores by boat are 'illegal'.

Under international law, people have a right to seek asylum from persecution and other serious human rights abuses. In turn, governments have an obligation not to send them to territories where they face a real chance of harm.

It has been said over and over, and he must be aware that the use of the word 'illegal' when referring to asylum seekers is against international law, and he is deliberately inflaming public opinion by continuing to use the term. He has no idea, having never visited those in indefinite detention, of the enormous pain and trauma he is inflicting by keeping public opinion the way it is. I believe that the God he pretends to respect will not recognize him when they finally meet face to face. 

Deliberately causing harm and distress to those who have suffered so much trauma already is, as my grandma would say, disgusting. 

Tony- you disgust me. 

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